Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Asian Americans in the music industry

Why do you guys think that Asian Americans are so underrated in the music industry in the United States? I feel that they're all confined within YouTube even though they have just as much talent or even more than a lot of people that are big singers.


  1. hmmm this is tuff....

    I have a friend right now making music, and he is EXTREMELY talented, just try to remeber the name "joon Pak"

    but while talking to him about his decisions to move into the music industry it brought me back to what you must go through to become famous.

    Pink - started hip/hop then later went punk

    Obvoiusly the label made her do this "ethier you sign with us for a year (or 2) and do what WE WANT or you can go back home and do hole int he wall bars.........."

    up/down side while signing, and finally getting out of contract, shes is now doing her own music and enjoying it.

    Same with my friend, hes korean, but he already knows when he enters his music, they're going to decide "k we'll get chris brown to sing the vocals, and we'll ask......lil wayne or akon mabye to rap your main parts.

    just like jeremy (the filipino shown today, hope i got his name right) i think he loves do waht he wants, without having to have contract, and sing what the label wants, or do.

    but again, there is few of KNOWN asian artist
    Far East Movement
    One Voice (1990 group)
    Nobo (did the soundtrack for final fantsy 7 game)

    that soundtrack is I think rated #1 world wide to this day.... infact if you go to japan, he puts on a concert which is well known (youtube it) and he actually plays all the final fantsy 7 songs in order of the game..... and remix some of the famous songs, its extremely popular

  2. goofy question

    Who do you know of asian ethinicty that is TALENTED O_o? and who are they better than that is currently within the music industry? O_o

  3. I think that even though how talented you are,there is always possibility that your talent will not be advertised.It could be one of the reason why some people posted some videos on YouTube even though they are not that talented. Some are just want to be seen or who knows they become famous.I heard one singer who became famous through YouTube viewers, but I don't exactly remember the singer's name :)

  4. I think it's because they aren't exactly marketable in the American entertainment business. Also it might be because there's that stereotype that Asians can't sing due to that William Hung guy who made a fool of himself on AI.

  5. william hung didn't make fun of himself, honestly many of my friends and I believe it was setup..........

    We all believe it was perfectly staged for him to come off that bad, and that goofy looking"

    all gimick

    I mean look at how famous he became afterwards, even though he was the biggest joke in history. THat was the main point "lets be the biggest joke in history, and i'll be famous!"

    Also, do you really believe william hung, made the asian community look bad? highly HIGHLY doubt that.....

  6. nowadays, everything is judged based off of media. William Hung didn't make the Asian community look bad, but he did place a new stereotype that Asians are horrible singers. if he was just on YouTube like n0var0ku then a majority of people would probably have never even known who he was.

  7. i extremely disagree with this, i think william hung didn't give the asian community a bad rep of "they're bad singers" at all....

    I think his IMAGE focused on Nerdy, asian kids have no talent yes..... but thats all cases...

    anyone with high water pants, button tucked in shirt is a talentless nerd though, thats what always comes off with ...geeky people?

  8. Asian singer are underrated because they are labeled.

  9. william hung just wants to make himself famous, that it.

  10. I think many of them are so underrated because they don't have the money and the right representation to become big starts. They are also overshadowed by some of the other youtube stars and of course by the main stream music artists. In my view, I feel like race is obviously some part of the reason as well. Many people probably aren't ready to accept Asians as big named stars in America and Asian Americans probably don't have as much confidence in how society will view them so they don't try to get out of their comfort zones.

  11. i think Asian people in the music industry are becoming more famous now because of youtube and they are trying really hard to become bigger with ISA concerts also in korea there is a group call 2ne1 who is having they're first world tour and they are the first Korean ladies to tour the work not just be an opening act