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Is there any other way that undocumented immigrant can travel or visit any other countries? If there is, what are the process?
What are you opinions on the process of becoming a US citizen? Is a long process? Should it be simplified?

Immigration process

Do you think the immigration process takes too long? If so, do you think that contributes to the large number of undocumented immigrants in the US?

Question about Immigration

How do immigrants get working permits in order for them to work in the United States?


Should immigrants  who have been living in America for years be allowed to receive financial aid for school ?

History of May 1st?

May 1st is usually a day where most undocumented immigrants and friends and family take to the streets and join in masses to march as one.

Does anyone know the history behind that day and what it means for all undocumented immigrants?
How many people are undocumented immigrants in the United States?

Hide or Seek Help?

If you are an un-documented immigrant would you keep it a secret and go through life the best you can, or would you be public about it and seek help?


What is the difference between an Illegal alien and a Legal alien?

Undocumented immigrant

Should immigrants who have been staying in America for most of their lifetime be allowed to become U.S citizens?


How do they establish their work experience in order to qualify for the position offered ?
Do you believe that all immigrants should be legalized even before arriving in America? Should The American government find some type of enforcement to keep out the illegal immigrants?

Question about Immigration

What would happen to babies who were born illegally (born from parents who are undocumented immigrants) in the United States?

If you knew someone who is technically an undocumented immigrant but obtain documented papers under a different name what would you do?

Question about immigration.

Michael Tjuatjadarma

Is it fine for illegal immigrations in the United States work here and payed with low wages?


What can an immigrant do once they find out they are illegal? Are there any ways to become legal once they are illegal?


Is there any official departments in Ameria which help the immigrants ?

Dream Act

What is your stance on the Dream Act? I've inluded a description posted in Wikipedia which gives agood overview of the Dream Act.

This bill would provide conditional permanent residency to certain illegal aliens of good moral character who graduate from U.S. high schools, arrived in the United States as minors, and lived in the country continuously for at least five years prior to the bill's enactment. If they were to complete two years in the military or two years at a four-year institution of higher learning, they would obtain temporary residency for a six-year period. Within the six-year period, they may qualify for permanent residency if they have "acquired a degree from an institution of higher education in the United States or has completed at least 2 years, in good standing, in a program for a bachelor's degree or higher degree in the United States" or have "served in the armed services for at least 2 years and, if discharged, has received an honorable discharge".[3] Military enlistment contracts require an eight-year commitment, with active duty commitments typically between four and six years, but as low as two years.[4][5] "Any alien whose permanent resident status is terminated... shall return to the immigration status the alien had immediately prior to receiving conditional permanent resident status under this Act."[6] This bill would have included illegal immigrants as old as 35 years of age.

What are your initial thoughts?


How do illegal immigrants get by life when they have so many disadvantages in America?

undocumented immigrant

Will an undocumented immigrant be deported back to their country if they were recognized?

Undocumented immigrant

Can an undocumented immigrant become legal?

Undocumented immigrants

Is life harder in America than their homelands because they can't get their licenses, jobs, go to school, etc?

Question about immigration

What are your thoughts and opinions about DREAM act?
For people who are deemed an undocumented immigrant in America, how does one go down the path of getting citizenship since they were already here illegally, or is it the same process as any other immigrant despite already being here illegally?
How many years until an undocumented immigrant can become a U.S. citizen? & is the process to becoming a U.S. citizen tedious?

--Kirzten (ICS 24 12:30)

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Who are you?  What's something about you that you would like people to know or that might be interesting to some people?