Friday, June 29, 2012

Journalist, Jose Antonio Vargas

Why do you think Jose Antonio Vargas, the Filipino immigrant journalist from the reader, has not been deported or gotten in trouble legally for admitting 1) he's an illegal immigrant and 2) has also admitted to using false identification like social security and I.D.'s.

I mean, as far as I know those things are absolutely illegal, so why let him get away with it? Any thoughts/ideas?

Asian Americans have definitely come a long way!!

Most of you probably won't even visit this blog to see this anymore, but I'll post it anyways. It's a really interesting article and quite surprising and amazing how Asian Americans and Asian immigrants have made such huge impacts!

This is proof that a handful of Asian American immigrants are here to make a better living for themselves and to reach their goals and dreams. I think this is amazing and I feel really proud of them. It sort of motivates me even more to work harder in my studies and work to make a better living for myself and to become like these Asian Americans who have accomplished so much.
could education expectation be consider a major problems for asian americans?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

What are the requirements to be a citizen in America? is it difficult?

EDUCATION - 2003 - Americans placed LAST.........

Even though this class is dead, i hope i get feed back, we just had about 3-4 published blogs that asked "is it worth it to migrate".........

Has anyone seen "Waiting for superman" ???

It goes into our school educational system wtihin the US
part of the movie states that korea, japan and many other countries out do studying and learning compared to the US

makes sense why during the Computer age, many jobs were being given to indian people from india and what not.....

Many projects about foreign students and what not say our educational system is better, is it?
and what determines better, that you are easily passing? or at the end of the year, your knowledge increased for 20% - 120%..????

I would like to think the 20/120% but most likely not......

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Asian American stereotypes

As an Asian American, what are the ideas or opinions you can contribute to the society in order to support Asians stereotyping?

Modern Immigration

Have the reasons for immigration changed for Asians? How have they changed?

Asian Culture

How has the influx of Asian American immigrants and their culture changed the community in which they now inhabit. i.e. Bay Area.

Monday, June 25, 2012

End of all Asian Stereotypes...possible?

How long do you think it would take people to stop stereotyping Asians? Do you believe there are outside factors such as an individual's level of education, that may help put an end to stereotypes?

What do you think people should do now to decrease the amount of stereotypes?

Asia America

What is the major reason of Asians moved to America ?
This brings up another question to my pervious post on the Article and question.   The few Asian American Parents (I would also include parents that aren't Asian American either) that are strict, Do you think they are rough/strict on the child? does it make social life harder? is it better for them for the future (job wise)?  have you experienced this?
So before I even took this class (thought this was a coincidence when I started this class. boy am I glad I saved this article in my bookmarks).  Do you think Asian/Asian American Parents are better at parenting than Americans?  My friend posted up this article on FB a couple years ago and I thought I'd share it with you guys to get your opinions on it.  I guess it also brings up on the stereotypes: Strict parents, school, and social life.

Asian American culinary questions..

If any of you had visited any Asian countries and tasted their food, what do you think of the Asian food here in the United States? Do they (Asian vs. Asian food in the United States) somehow taste different? What kind of Asian food that you like in the United States? 

Well this is not a serious question, but even though I usually prefer Indonesian food back in Indonesia, somehow I prefer to eat Korean food here. I love love love the taste of Korean food in the United States. I have actually tasted Korean food in Korea, but they somehow taste different than the Korean food in the United States. I just want to know what kind of food you guys like, and you can also give recommendation of what restaurants to visit :D thank you

Saturday, June 23, 2012


How do Americans think about immigrants? Do they want no more immigrants or welcome new immigrants?

Asian American

Who is the most famous Asian American writer in the us? And who is the most famous Asian American?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hollywood singling out asian actors? - I disagree......

I know its been mentioned alot that asian actors are rarely seen on screen, or only play certain roles, but thats EVERYONE........ not to mention the life style and thinking of the asian community doesn't allow for more asian actors to flurish

Thinka bout what we have talked about in class...
asian family's believe in HIGH end paying jobs, super studying, and getting straight A's....

they focs on being a owner, a doctor, a engineer, etc.....

even in that one video when the asian dad said "you listening to black music?!"  the reaction went into a joke by him dancing to the music but, the real outcome would have been "turn that off.....i don't want that in my house!" (this goes not only with asian family buts latino, white, etc.....)

now how can actors/actress come out of communities where the life style/family/generation/ethinicity doesn't believe in making that one of there goals, its a no wonder there's not more asian actors.....

Now as for me disagreeing,
People say asian actors always play the krate master, or grocery guy, or weak man nerd, or the women play the sexy vixen..

Is megan fox asian?
Is cameron diaz asian? (The Mask)
Is angelina jolie asian?

The same thing happening to women of asian decent is happening to new up coming actress as well.....
Megan fox played a seemingly slutty looking, looks easy, only goes for seemingly popular rich guys, with a bad rep, bad family rebel......... in transformers

Cameron diaz in the mask played a pretty blonde sit int he corner or ELSE, stfu, do what i say girl who could only be with a drug lord/gangster

Everyone just has to wait for their oppurtunity.....

Even today , some GOOD actors get screwed
Iron man - terrance howard got kicked out of the role of WAR MACHINE, even though i believe his acting skills are good and would have made the movie great.

Also, terrance howard kinda got ASIAN stereotyped, but as a black man
break through performance?  = HUSTLE and FLOW

But personally I believe you can spot a extremely talent actor from small roles, example
Watch Big momma (martain lawrence) and watch when terrance howard showed up at the end as the villian, hes comes off extremely believeable to be a very intimidating psycho bad guy.

Edward norton
Kicked out as played the hulk... WHY!? oh cause his body didn't seem big enough to match the mutation into the hulk....... WHAT!?!?!?

that sounds like a ASIAN stereotype as well, your body isn't masculine enough to fit the role.

Even though Edwards acting abilities are extremely GOOD and believeable again, critical momments that show his acting
HULK - scene in the house where he talks face to face with Liv Tyler
With taht scene alone, you can compare Liv tyler acting with edward nortons, to me that scene alone, shows the difference between a GOOD actor and a ok one

Edwards acting seems 100% believeable, that hes worried, has alot through his mind, and plans on fixing it
Liv tyler - trying to be undersatnding and wanting to help - doesn't come off that way, and comes off FAKE

anywho, thats some of my thoughts

2nd Question

Are there any Asian American who wear sandals or shoes in their houses? Or is it only Americans who do?
Are there any benefits to Asain American stereotypes?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Asian American Stereotypes

Why does some of Asian stereotypes are true in some sense and how are they not true?

Asian Americans

Why do you think Asian Americans can't really make it in the American entertainment industry?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Asian Americans in the music industry

Why do you guys think that Asian Americans are so underrated in the music industry in the United States? I feel that they're all confined within YouTube even though they have just as much talent or even more than a lot of people that are big singers.

YouTube Project

what did you guys think about Just Kidding Films? I've became a fan :)
Has anyone seen The Dictator? im surprised how filipinos was mentioned in the movie because it made me feel represented but it was represented in a funny way. its a comedy though so my question is wouldnt you want to be represented as something else rather than funny? for all Asians. p.s. theres another movie coming out called The Campaign and they used Asians again in a funny way.