Monday, June 25, 2012

End of all Asian Stereotypes...possible?

How long do you think it would take people to stop stereotyping Asians? Do you believe there are outside factors such as an individual's level of education, that may help put an end to stereotypes?

What do you think people should do now to decrease the amount of stereotypes?


  1. I think stereotyping will continue on because some stereotypes are true but most people do not know the reason why Asian fit the stereotype. Until people try to understand why people do what they do, then there will be no stereotype. And I am not sure sure about an individual's level of education because I know a few high level of education people and they stereotype people. So it depends on the person for the most part.

  2. I think that there is no assurance that people would stop stereotyping Asians because it is all depends on the people's point of view.If people try to understand and accept each other of who we are in this society as individuals, then who knows there will be no more stereotype.

  3. I believe that as long as social similarities within ethnic groups exist, stereotypes will always exist. I do not see the downfall of stereotypes happening unless the entire future generation is a mixed breed of all ethnic backgrounds.

  4. I think stereotyping will always be there. It is a part of Asian.When American go to Asian countries or other countries,can American stereotype end in there?

  5. I think stereotyping will always be there. It is a part of Asian.When American go to Asian countries or other countries,can American stereotype end in there?

  6. stereotypes will end, when we stop fitting them.....

    When will mexican people start speaking more english than spanish?
    when will mexican people stop getting mad at OTHER mexican americans for not speaking spanish

    Vice versa for ASIAN american's....

    until we as a society stop fitting stereotypes they won't end, it has nothing to do with how others view us, its how you portray yourself.....

  7. I don't think stereotyping would ever stop, it soemhow became part of our life, where we joke about it or even use it as insults toward others. Stereotypes will still continue on, unless people learn to have respect toward each other.

  8. Stereotyping is something that can't just disappear.
    Even if we somehow got rid of it the internet has already established many of stereotypes and from all the jokes there, it can easily leak out into the world again.

  9. we can get rid of it.............we have to stop living them...

    once we do that as a group they will stop example
    Nigger - nigga
    there is a huge diff but they turned it into a positive.....
    we tend to do that now, asians talk crap back and fourth "yo twinky haha just playing love ya buddy"

    same wif me......

    its even gotten to a point where me and my chinese friend talk smack....

    but the rest of the terms we have to stop fitting them..... the bad ones....
    like me - mexican if i come in with a red bennie and some big huge pants..... then i fit the decripition..

    but you guys know me, i come in with a black shirt, and sweat pants with a freakin laptop backpack... you guys probably think im a semi-dork.... not a gang banger, which i am.....don't mess wif me >=[ .....


  10. I don't think stereotype will be disappear. There are always stereotypes between people. Doesn't matter the race, skin color, or language.

  11. i don't know i disagree

    I get hated on cuase im NOT "mexican"

    "rich you speak spanisH' - no why... "lol wth your the only mexican that don't speak spanish"

    "rich you like mexican food?" - nope hate it.. "wth your only mexican that don't eat mexican food"

    "rich like chili/hot stuff?" hell no "wth your only mexicn" OK I GET IT!!!

    but find my reasoning'

    "rich why you no speak a spanish?" "i do a little, just prefer not too. I grew up here, speak perfectly in English and know a good abundance of words, that express my intelligence and experience when expressing my mind. "

    "rich why don't you like mexican food?" - im mexican.... i grew up since day 1 eatting it........imagine eating crackers 24/7 you'd hate it too

    "rich why don't like hot sauce" tried it, its hot..., don't like it........

    but what if more were like me, wouldn't that "mexican" stereotype disappear....

    but like i said before "in our own gropu we have to change first" so until a mexican person comes up to me and says "hi, you speak english or espanol?"

    it won't change....

    to this day i still get "hola, dfja;lekjf;alkejf;af, akfjlajs, que!? =D"

    and to this day i respond with "im ok, its extremely hot outside to a point where heat exhaustion is about to captivate me beyond a masses"

    and they still continue to speak to me in spanish -_______-

  12. I think stereotypes will always exist,to a certain extent, i feel as if they are just a way for people to make sense of the world as if to not be surprised by things they see you know what i mean? Like in a world thats always changing and full of surprises its nice to see something such as an old asian lady holding up traffic with her bad driving just to let you know that some things are still the same so you can have a laugh and move on.

  13. I think there will always be stereotypes people will try to not be part of it but others will judge them based on sterotypes