Wednesday, June 27, 2012

American culture

Why it is difficult ( at some point) to be assimilated in American culture?


  1. hi anna,
    I don't think it is.....

    Why do you think it is difficult to assimilate?

  2. Because American culture is quite different with us, an Asian.
    the education, the teaching, the environment, the people
    they are all just different.
    i think American culture is just more open-minded than the Asians.

  3. hmmmmmmmm im still kinda lost...

    assimilation seems easy in my opinion....

    I met a japanese girl I liked when i first started school, every year i'd catch her on campus, and everytime i talk to her it was hard it was always

    "oh hi! ^___^ umm.........I taking 2 classes! and umm..........math and history! hmm HM! you? =D

    about the 4th year i seen her on campus her talking went too

    "hello!, im good good, finally finished esl hehe ^___^ and now taking all my AA requirment to transfer...yea.......anyways"

    what baffled me is the fact that we had a pause in the conversation and she didn't know what to say but she non-chalantly said "um yea anyways" like she'd always lived in america and picked up the slang so easily....

    it was really impressive

  4. well it's not really difficult to assimilate to american culture, if people are able to find people someone similar to their own culture styles. Like chinese students would hang out with other chinese students and learn from them to be able to be assimilated to american culture through the help of the same race support. So assimilation isn't that hard, when someone from a same background is helping you.

  5. American culture is actually one of the easiest to get into because its very casual most of the time and you can quickly pick up from those around you.

  6. well i think assimilation anywhere is easy if you put yourself in that category......

    if you live in mexico for a year, i bet 100-1 you'll come back speaking spanish...

    if you live in korea for a year, speak nice korean
    etc, etc etc,

    its our nature to adapt..... in our blood if not look at our skin! lol hope someone got that weak joke -_-

  7. If speaking of American culture specifically, it might just be because it is already a melting-pot of so many cultures and it is always changing. Some of the customs we view as normal to another individual are strange and odd, and vise-versa.

  8. At this point in my opinion, when I first moved to the United States of America. I didn't very feel intimidated by the culture because of what few of us have mentioned. The country itself, especially in California, is very diverse that it has a large mixture of many different races and cultures. The cultures melted into a one, and at this point to me, I don't feel like I am living my life or trying to understand American's culture, more like understanding teen-adult's culture at the present year. But being in the United States, with the wild and freedom I was exposed to by students/teens that live in the country, I was allowed to thinking more openly, feel right to do things I thought it would be weird and inappropriate. American's culture is very freedom, without knowing, things that I used to understand as "abnormal" or "weird", became normal and I understand that people came from many different places and circumstances, but we are normal in our own way and we should not cross anybody's line.

  9. American culture is very easy to understand in part a result of the media feeding images of what "regular americans" do and how their lives are. However the assimilation in the specific area you live in relies more on observing the people and eventually starting to use the local slang and listening to similar music, taking part in local sports, etc., In other words just finding a type of common ground that you can enjoy and be yourself while relating your new friends and neighbors.