Monday, June 25, 2012

So before I even took this class (thought this was a coincidence when I started this class. boy am I glad I saved this article in my bookmarks).  Do you think Asian/Asian American Parents are better at parenting than Americans?  My friend posted up this article on FB a couple years ago and I thought I'd share it with you guys to get your opinions on it.  I guess it also brings up on the stereotypes: Strict parents, school, and social life.


  1. I don't believe in generalizing people in to classifications of race like this, because on both sides there are the strict parent and on both side there are the dead beat parents. What it all comes down to is the parents and what there standards for there children are.

  2. Asians who migrated to American tend to be more strict, which leads to them to have a somewhat good parenting to some extent. What I mean is that that it is good but at the same time, it is not. They plan out their child(ren)' future in America. Asian American parents can go either way. They can do the traditional way of raising their child(ren) or the American way. Americans tend to be rather lazy, especially if they are rich. That is why we have so many snobby white kids.

  3. It is important to distinguish between something such as "better" parenting skills because parenting skills itself is completely relative. While it is more common that Asians parents tend to push their kids to develop a wider variety of talents at a younger age this is not have a direct relation to the level of success in life.

  4. i love ya robert lol

    That article kinda pissed me off, im surprised it was posted....... that articles is extremely biased by all means.....

    I'll give a terrific example:
    GIrl - UCLA - Straight A's = but when you talk with her.....shes extremely slow, and air headed.....

    guy - jail - gang - kicked out highschool for extortion, started trying to find work...... 2 years later, he became manager pasta pomodoro, then general manager for California pizza kitchen, then he became the Corporate manager for uWink and opened stores all over california, ........

    who is technically smarter? Neither, they both have there pro's

    they both work hard at different things

    but they were both raised same way, both korean descent yet 1 seemingly led a bad life, and 1 led a good life, yet both seemingly successful in their own way....

    p.s. = these are real people im talking about...

  5. I don't necessarily think either race has better parenting skills however I too come from a background of very strict Asian parenting however I noticed that after a couple of years of living in California they are a lot more relaxed and to a certain extent have adopted American parenting techniques to complement their existing ones. Like most of you have said, they both have their pro's and cons and if anything I would say the Asian American parents would be better as a result of what I spoke of above with my parents. In my opinion, parenting is only successful when the parents are strict enough to let you know they love you and they care for your safety but relaxed enough to let you make your own mistakes which in turn keeps the lines of communication open for advice.

  6. I think after they live in the us for a few years the strict asian parenting starts to lessen but still have a strict upbringing because theyre the super strict asian parents and the more lenient parents