Friday, June 29, 2012

Journalist, Jose Antonio Vargas

Why do you think Jose Antonio Vargas, the Filipino immigrant journalist from the reader, has not been deported or gotten in trouble legally for admitting 1) he's an illegal immigrant and 2) has also admitted to using false identification like social security and I.D.'s.

I mean, as far as I know those things are absolutely illegal, so why let him get away with it? Any thoughts/ideas?


  1. i'll comment now and re-read the article again and correct any idea's that came off wrong but

    1 - alot of people in a sense have a good heart....

    2 - is he LEGAL now....if so he can state in his article i was ONCE illegal.. TOO LATE NOW MUAHAHAHHAHAHA

    3 - imagine the ten's of thousdands of immigrant they're going after already, and that are trying to come through, and the ones that are breaking laws....

    im pretty sure, the ones that are breaking laws, they're coming after first.....

    not to mention corrupt people

    Ever watch SVU (its a fictional show but based of semi-true events) and there is one where a INS agent is corrupt and selling asian girls to asian triad's to make $ and lying to them sayin g"i'll get you a green card, wanna work? wwill do anything oK! follow me" bam they're a hooker..... no choice , ethier work or get killed

  2. First of all, he is legal now. Also, he was hiding his identity from people . So it's not really"let him get away with it"

  3. I was wondering the same thing, after reading up on the topic a bit more i found out that the day after vargas posted an article in TIME magazine about the uncertainty of life after revealing his legal status,President Obama announced that his administration would halt deportations for undocumented immigrants under age 30 who would qualify for DREAM Act relief, and provide work permits for them, allowing them to remain in the US legally. Unfortunately Vargas at age 31 was not eligible for the program. But I'd have to agree with Rich, I'm sure the INS are more concerned with the immigrants slipping into the country right now as opposed to the ones who are already contributing to the society as long as they dont pose a threat to the community.