Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Asian American stereotypes

As an Asian American, what are the ideas or opinions you can contribute to the society in order to support Asians stereotyping?


  1. i meant question like how would you support Asians stereotype, do you agree or disagree? :) i dont know if my question does make sense =)

  2. I don't believe any stereostypes unless that culture lives within those stereotypes as well...

    Example: mexicans - gangbangers - gardners - labor workers
    its true, because we as mexicans tend to follw that path, WHY!?

    Same for black people
    same for asians

    same for whites

    same for women

    we need to stand out and not follow stereotypes

  3. asian stereotypes for chinese is always the same, good in math or stingy with money or even someone who knows kungfu! not every chinese asian american is like that in any way, they might, but it's not always the case.

  4. chinese don't get that ASIAN's get that =P

    but it is true, but the reason why asians do that is cuase they think FAMILY first, then themselves, with money nothing else

  5. i would want to support the stereotype that Asian people are very hard worker because it show on things like work and for most Asian school work