Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Asian American Stereotypes

Why does some of Asian stereotypes are true in some sense and how are they not true?


  1. niceeeeeeeeeee i like this question!!!!

    Im going to go into some detail with these, and I would love some feed back =D

    ok DRIVING
    Personally It struck me with driving it also involves why women come off bad in driving.

    Now, look at what types of jobs mexican/white middle class men work (black too)

    its always general labor, i.e. hard work/back breaking or construction. Now with these types of jobs it requires alot of "will this tiny block....fit between those 2 blocks?........looks like it will" its all perception!!!! now imagine doing this all your life, or for years, it becomes easy to "EYE BALL things... thus like DRIVING "i'll fit there in that parking (parallel)" or squeezing between a car, to make a right turn, or parking close to another car.... or backing up perfectly and coming within a CM of hitting someone cause we're use to it. Now women don't technically work jobs that require eye balling and using in-depth perception... SAME with many asian ethinicities...

    You guys are raised to use your brain, to strive for excellence, your require to GET A+'s not achieve them..... as soon as your born your life is planned to become a successful 60k - 100k person by the time your 30! (parents hope)

    thus why I believe asian's come off as bad drives. Watch when situations of trying to squeeze in spots, asian people will hesitate, India cultures as well......

    It has nothing to do with anything else, your not born with it, your not not born with it... its all how your grown/raised/ and trained (taught)

    =D thats 1!!! =D

  2. 2nd! heres my THEORY though...

    math is the same language ANYWEHRE theres not limitation to math.... math is everywhere....

    All the old math scholars figured out stuff we and other known scientist (einstein) have figured out today without all the incredible technology we have today.....

    by guessing, and looking at science in true form (life)

    if math is in spanish, its the same
    if its in chinese its the same
    if its in hebrew its the SAME! the answers will be the same, numbers/letters may look different but the answer will always be the same.

    Now from what we've learned with class projects, countries don't have the technology for other types of things to learn 100% as other countries would.

    Anything with math helps alot since its all 1 language, thus why other countries would focus on doctor/engineers.....formula's are all the same!!!!

    now being an actor, a dancer, a singer not as easy since everyone is different, different languages, different tunes, idealogy etc.

    same as accountant/banking/lawyers rules law.... etc you guys kinda get the hint

    now just cause your BOOK smart doesn't mean your SUPER SMART (everyone know this its a known saying)

    i've meet people that know calculus, knows linear algebra etc! knows LINUX! knows how to code a computer, can re-mod super mario brothers and make it super mario warefare 3!

    but when it comes to making quick decisions within a 1/10 of a second...they fluster...or make 100 mistakes, where others can easily handle 1000 things with 1/10 of a second, and have 2 mistakes, but so fast to figure it out that they've already plan for those 2 mistakes without thinking!!!

    then theres those that can do both............BLEH!

    anywho thats a theory of why "asians + math = GOD" lol

  3. Now Back to the "math/smart" stereotypes of asian, it is true in a sense that they are very hard working/knowledgable but I have another reasoning yet, it comes off bad why they are extremely "book smart"

    I was dating a Vietnamese girl when i was in high school, really hard working, got into ucsd, took the harder classes (math) all that, but After breaking up, i talk with alot of friends and mentors about her and of course like many relationship they told the truth , they all felt she wasn't too bright.

    Which baffled me cause I only had a H.S. diploma, yet she was living in san deigo going to UCSD and getting A+'s

    One of my mentors pointed out something that triggered a bad idea of why asian people are so smart (hard working at school)

    he said

    "dude......shes 4'9.....weights 90 lbs..........she wasn't super hot ethier, she was average...... thats all she could be good at, is studying and school...."

    Now him saying that sounds bad but he was trying to open my eyes and stop prasing her.

    NOw it sounds bad but thinkg about it deep down

    shes 4'9....she'll never be a pro athlete.....

    she weighs 90lbs she won't be TALL, SLENDER , SLIM, in shape! crazy muscle tone anything like that.....

    and unfortunately in our society of US, she would come off as average in today's beauty contest.. (which is outragous)

    but with alot of people and cultures.... unless your born with it, your probably not gonna get it. Which is sad, but life is unfair

    Im short... have short arms... and i'll never have a SIX pack, even if i had 5 percent body fat. My body isn't made to look like that......

    sad but true =|

    what you guys think? X_______x

    and please forgive me for being so so blunt and coming off as a egotistical, self centered, and extremely vain. But Im trying to clarify a theory...

    Any feed back? =x

  4. Asians are good at math. I think this is true in some cases because math is pretty much universal! Math isn't different in Asian countries. So since many countries in Asian focus heavily on math as a part of their education, they are better at it. Also, kids that immigrated from an Asian country, it is something they don't really have to learn from the start like English for example.

    Also, the parents that went to school in Asian countries usually push their kids to do well in math because they were pushed to do math all the time. I know for me, my dad always expected me to get nothing less than an A in math and i HATED it because all i was doing was math at one point, but it helped because now, i understand math a lot more!

  5. The 3 most common Asian stereotypes:1.They all good at math
    2.They all good at piano
    3. Smart
    Asian is inborn for math. They practice a lot since a little. That's why they are good at it. Not because they are "Asian", that;s why they are good at it.
    Also, they good at piano not because their inborn ability, it is because they put so much time in practice. It's all hard-working.
    Like Edison said" succeed=99%hard work + 1%genius"

  6. There are many implications to assuming that racial stereotypes are true. Within our society stereotypes have been used as jusifications for the blantant systematic mistreatment of some groups in the US.

    When we as a culture accept these stereotypes to be true, we dismiss people as individuals. Instead we generalize them with their culture.

    We have witness this with the entertainment industry where asian roles have been limited to emasculated characters for men and submissive characters for women. These stereotypes have been widely accepted and have played a vital role in shunning Asian Americans from the entertainment industry.

  7. I have an idea why asian's learn piano...

    Apprently Music, is suppose to be the closest language to math.....

    thus why alot of music major, (from what i heard) are into math and or good at math.

    Is it a possibility thats why asian children learn piano?

  8. hi MY ^_^

    Are you planning on becoming an actor? err actress? heh

    I extremely disagree with asian being ignored in the movie industry, i thinke veryone has a hard time

    there rare GREAT actors and there rare good actor, there alot of weak actors but they fit the role.

    Like RAIN (korean singer) he has made a huge impact on the american movie buisness.... and behind the scenes as well as a action star, expect his career to flurish if he follows it

  9. When most people think about Asians, they automatically assume they are smart in math. This is not entirely true. Most, but not all Asians are good at math. I met a few people who do not perform well in their math classes. Since most Asians are good at math, non-Asians believe ethnicity plays a role.

  10. I think its because Asians are quiet so people start observing what they do instead of what they say.

  11. I believe that few are true. But they way people perceive it is always in a jokingly/negative manner. A few of Asian Americans are good in school, play intruments, strict parents, etc, etc. But I think that can only be based off from older generation (our parents) people have migrated over here don't have what we have over seas. Maybe the reason why Asian American parents are so strict. They want the best for them, so they end up pushing them to be great and make their future a much better place for them than what they had in the past. I could be wrong.