Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Japanese anime: I know people believe when america remakes anime, but is it really that bad if a non-asian plays the roles? EXAMPLE: Dragonball Z?


  1. i guess they just don't want an chinese person taking the spot light. Even if the person was an asian american, the image of a white male is always dominate in remake anime that american would make. Like the movie forbidden kingdom, all the cast were chinese people! but the main character of the movie was a white guy. Something like that!

  2. thats differenet....

    What i was getting at, someone said in the past that it was stupid that GOKU was played by a white guy, i do agree, why a white guy, but technicnically, goku isn't white.........

    He's a sayian, hes a completely different race, how do we know know hes asian? or black or white? hes a alien...

    if it were up to me to cast goku i'd make someone of samoan, or some pacific island culture, cause they're big, they're bread that way do to the climent/continent... same as the sayian's according to the story, they were savages, they grew up tuff, thus they became abnormal freaks........

  3. In my opinion, even if Japanese people play the roles, it is not good. There are some remake anime in Japan, but I don't like it.


    we're the majority for this, i hope most of you know the anime's i will say

    and we'll all comment, say who should play the characters

    FULL METAL ALCHEMIST - white/asian/black/pacific
    Devil May Cry - white/asian/black/pacific

    dragonball z - white/asian/black/pacific
    Nurato - white/asian/black/pacific
    Akira - white/asian/black/pacific

    If you guys repond please say WHY don't just say "OH WHITE oh ASIAN cause.....YEA I WANT IT"

  5. I guess if the anime is being dubbed in a different language, it makes sense to have the person speak the language, right? For example, obviously a chinese person is going to dub the chinese version, and a white or british guy for the english version.

    But I mean, I would look for someone with a a clear, articulated voice. If that means the white guy qualifies, he qualifies lol!
    (BTW I was very satisfied with FMA's voice actors for the english dub!)

  6. I don't think it's bad, I just think fans prefer asian anime to be played by Asian actors. It just seems inconsiderate to the fans.