Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Asian Americans

Why do you think Asian Americans can't really make it in the American entertainment industry?


  1. well 1 its AMERICA

    if it were in india, asian/white/mexicans would be the minority in that country...

    in asian, be the same but asians would dominate etc...

    also, its hard, like actors have to be believed to be REAL....

    anyone know rick yune? hes from fast and the furious part 1... who didn't do bad in that particular movie, but hes done a few solo movies and they were extremely bad...........

    he doesn't have that gift of being an actor...

    JeT li has that gift but when it comes to display's of FIGHTING. One of the best directors in the hollywood industry's even said it himself, and when watching jet li its very true.

    "when you watch jet li throw a punch, its not jut a normal punch. When he attacks or kicks theres a strong sense behind it... and when compared to other people punching or kicking its not as intense as u would see from jet li.

    ethier john woo said it or the director of Kiss of the dragon i forget.

    Another good actor that I believe stands out alot within the asian community is sung kang.

    He played the main supporting actor in Fast and furious Tokyo drift

    The cool thing about that role if you think about it is... his character isn't from japan, hes not japanese, yet he was starred in that movie cause he was asian but he was drastically portrayed as a non-native japanese.

    He spoke perfect english, his nationality is never mentioned, and he talks more like a "american" rather than a english speaking asian of japan.

    His character is really prized by many, including myself. He has a strong presence when he acts, like a aura. Everything he does has meaning, thats the sign of a GOOD actor, and that type of "energy" is hard to find

    its hard to get into the movie industry.

    Depending on the roles your going after, its hard just to fit the part, its extremely harder to act the part on top of that....

    its not just hard for asian actors, its also hard for any ethinicty to break into the big scene. And many flop, and many have that 1 good break.

    Like a famous comedian once said on the show "inside the actor"

    "you can be infamous!......but you can never not be famous" - dave chapelle

  2. If we're talking about the movie industry, I disagree! there's Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Jamie Chung, Brenda Song, Maggie Q! It's just that you rarely ever see an Asian American female playing a lead role.

  3. The problem with the entertainment industry is that often time they perpetuate Asian stereotypes by only casting roles that usually emasculate men. I think our culture is still dominated by the eurocentric narrative and this is what keeps many minority groups such as Asian shunned from the entertainment industry.

  4. hi again my!

    Thats not nesscarily true, Like in my other blog post, RAIN (from korea) played a huge part as a huge masculate action star

    Also jet li portray's a "bruce willis" type role in all his movies as well (the average looking joe but is deadly and smart)

    but these characters put time into looking that way. Alot of the asian actors now a days don't do that its the same for every race.....

    In the making of "DIE HARD" bruce willis was picked 3rd to played the main character

    Selvester stallone and arnold were both offered the part but they turned it down.

    Many of the asian actors today are average..... so alot of there roles aren't open.

    We also have to take into consideration of what are actors what as well, I believe DR WONG from law and order SVU is a very good actor and has played many small roles, but i personally thinka nd believe hes making alot of money playing dr wong, rather than tryin to go for huge movie roles, why move up when your doing well with a average job =D


    Jennifer - jackie chan i don't consider successful in america... he was super HUGE in china first then transfered his OLD OLD OLD movies to america... then he got some roles.....

    Jet li i consider someone who popped up in america, cause he was spotted cause he was originally a martial arts expert.

    Jamie chung was born and raised in america so shes definately a score for the asian community. (although I believe jamie should be a much bigger actor than she really is)


  5. Hi Rich

    "Many of the asian actors today are average..... so alot of there roles aren't open." -rich

    What do you mean by this? Could it be that you're insinuating that Asian Actors are inherently bad actors? Please elaborate.

    1. i ment looks wise lol

      I believe asian actors, are the next BIG thing to be honest with you, Im saying right now keep an eye on these 3 names to be HUGE stars..

      sung kang - tokyo drift
      Rain - Ninja assassin

      Aaron yoo - friday the 13th/21

      Aaron by far has a HUGE career ahead of him, his acting skills surpass alot of people...... he has a way with the camera and making acting look EASY

      But, you know for alot of guy roles, they look for that hero/prince charming/rugged guy type...

      crazy in shape, crazy masculine, extremely charming

      thats hard... and depending on how big the MOVIE depends are how much of each you need.

      when RAIN was casted on ninja assassin he was "average" no muscle, just thin...... thats it

      they told him "we want you like this by 3 months....." and it was a picture of bruce lee, enter the dragon.....

      he went 5 hours of karate training/stunts/weapons trianing
      and 1 hour full body workouts weights/cardio etc

      EVERYDAY for 3 months... thats 6 hours of training, not to mention the movie itself of going over routine routine routine, on top of that he was on the most strict diet you can be on....

      if you look at his pictures and or the movie, the transformation makes p90x users or actors look wimpy....

      its hard, many actors have to do that.....

      arnold - was already weight lifting
      stallone - began training hard...
      Vin Diesel - trained hard (youtube video of him at age 13, he was a tiny wimpy kid)
      Ryan goslin - note book , if you watch Crazy stupid love, best way to describe it, like emma stone (OMG YOU're LIKE PHOTO SHOPPED)

  6. I believe the difficulty of Asian Americans to be incapable of making it in Hollywood is a direct legacy of foreign in Asia. For example, the the use of Asian women as sex icons is a direct legacy of the opium war, where southern Chinese women were forced into prostitution by Westerners that were inhabiting the Canton Region. And in reference to Rich's comment, yes it is America. However that example argument would only be valid if Hollywood, and Bollywood, were both on the same national of international recognition. However, Hollywood dominates most of the international film market.

  7. bollywood? O_o lol

    Can you elaborate more steve =\ cause im kinda lost with what your saying =D