Sunday, June 24, 2012

who is the most inspiring Asian American?

Who is the most inspiring Asian American?
In my opinion, I think it should be Bruce Lee


  1. oh? why? ^_^

    also, professor if you read these blogs, Can we get your opinion on this topic?


    i wanted to look up inspirational asian americans, and hopefully find some that i forgot about...which i did (me dummy)

    first 2 i remeber
    Michelle kwaw, kristi yamaguchi

    found 1 that i think is inspirational big time
    Dr Feng Shan ho
    He saved holocaust victims during wwII......

    also, i wanted to point out this movie, too defend my argument against asian american's being singled out - JOY LUCK CLUB - amy tan

    her book was translated into 24 different languages.....

  3. now back to bruce lee, i think lee has acomplished alot, how much i know iS TRUE! still baffles me....

    1 - he was supposely the first to figure out the style of "weight lifting"

    Apprently bruce wanted to become stronger so bad, he would try to figure out the best ways to create supplements and ways to get protein into his system.....

    he would take different pills, and mix them to try and make his muscles stronger, also he would always take raw meat, and blend it, and drink it.... so he could get as much protein out of the meat to help develop his muscles.

    he was always pushing his body to the extreme from working out, to figuring out how to develop power through hits, and how to develop his body better through eatting. and thats just some

    he defied a nation of his peers......

  4. also what about bruce lee's master? IP MAN

    trained hard, best in china.... japan took over, he fought, and left, and help trained many in hong kong.

    1. That's not exactly what happened, the movie is only loosely based on historical facts. He only trained a very small group of students in Hong Kong, and left because he taken part in training the Nationalist Army. After the Second-Sino Japanese War, which is portrayed in the movie, and the Communist victory of the Second CIvil War, he fled because of the repercussion that would've been handed down by the CPC. Not to mention that he was indeed once a wealth land owner, a class destroyed by the Cultural Revolution.

  5. Yes, i agree with Bruce Lee. he actually inspired all of us

  6. I agree with Bruce Lee, because of his tremendous iconic stature, long after he has passed. He represented more than just Martial Arts.

  7. A lot of people here in the United States know very few Asian such as Bruce Lee. But there are lot more such Yao Ming, Liu Xiang,and Li Ka-shing.

  8. I'm sure there are plenty of great influential Asian Americans however as far as martial arts and martial arts movies, Bruce Lee has to be the most inspirational with Jackie Chan as a close number 2 haha.