Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Asian Culture

How has the influx of Asian American immigrants and their culture changed the community in which they now inhabit. i.e. Bay Area.


  1. college's teach their languages, their culture =D

    I miss my korean teacher, and hope i get her again for korean 3.....

    she was very fun and loved teaching students, and she loves her culture very much, even teaching to me made her proud.

    even though i struggled and had a hard time studying due to two jobs, she was proud cause i'd always try to talk with her and learn as much as I could.

    Thats why I loved the asian community, to me they always bring a sense of HONOR

  2. i guess what rich said was true, the birth of ICS calsses is what asian american immigrants and their culture helped changed the community in teaching about the understanding of different cultures.

  3. Society now is much more diverse than it was years ago. It's not just Asian American immigrants that changed society, but other ethnicities as well. Because we live in a diverse area, we learn more of each other's cultures

  4. They have introduced us to new food as well as educated us on their philosophies in life after arriving in the bay area. It is honestly a great thing that the bay area has a diverse population as Kirzten mentioned above, we learn a lot about each others cultures and different ways of dealing with life as well as enjoying it, as to not be doing the same things your whole life.