Friday, June 29, 2012

Journalist, Jose Antonio Vargas

Why do you think Jose Antonio Vargas, the Filipino immigrant journalist from the reader, has not been deported or gotten in trouble legally for admitting 1) he's an illegal immigrant and 2) has also admitted to using false identification like social security and I.D.'s.

I mean, as far as I know those things are absolutely illegal, so why let him get away with it? Any thoughts/ideas?

Asian Americans have definitely come a long way!!

Most of you probably won't even visit this blog to see this anymore, but I'll post it anyways. It's a really interesting article and quite surprising and amazing how Asian Americans and Asian immigrants have made such huge impacts!

This is proof that a handful of Asian American immigrants are here to make a better living for themselves and to reach their goals and dreams. I think this is amazing and I feel really proud of them. It sort of motivates me even more to work harder in my studies and work to make a better living for myself and to become like these Asian Americans who have accomplished so much.
could education expectation be consider a major problems for asian americans?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

What are the requirements to be a citizen in America? is it difficult?

EDUCATION - 2003 - Americans placed LAST.........

Even though this class is dead, i hope i get feed back, we just had about 3-4 published blogs that asked "is it worth it to migrate".........

Has anyone seen "Waiting for superman" ???

It goes into our school educational system wtihin the US
part of the movie states that korea, japan and many other countries out do studying and learning compared to the US

makes sense why during the Computer age, many jobs were being given to indian people from india and what not.....

Many projects about foreign students and what not say our educational system is better, is it?
and what determines better, that you are easily passing? or at the end of the year, your knowledge increased for 20% - 120%..????

I would like to think the 20/120% but most likely not......