Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hollywood singling out asian actors? - I disagree......

I know its been mentioned alot that asian actors are rarely seen on screen, or only play certain roles, but thats EVERYONE........ not to mention the life style and thinking of the asian community doesn't allow for more asian actors to flurish

Thinka bout what we have talked about in class...
asian family's believe in HIGH end paying jobs, super studying, and getting straight A's....

they focs on being a owner, a doctor, a engineer, etc.....

even in that one video when the asian dad said "you listening to black music?!"  the reaction went into a joke by him dancing to the music but, the real outcome would have been "turn that off.....i don't want that in my house!" (this goes not only with asian family buts latino, white, etc.....)

now how can actors/actress come out of communities where the life style/family/generation/ethinicity doesn't believe in making that one of there goals, its a no wonder there's not more asian actors.....

Now as for me disagreeing,
People say asian actors always play the krate master, or grocery guy, or weak man nerd, or the women play the sexy vixen..

Is megan fox asian?
Is cameron diaz asian? (The Mask)
Is angelina jolie asian?

The same thing happening to women of asian decent is happening to new up coming actress as well.....
Megan fox played a seemingly slutty looking, looks easy, only goes for seemingly popular rich guys, with a bad rep, bad family rebel......... in transformers

Cameron diaz in the mask played a pretty blonde sit int he corner or ELSE, stfu, do what i say girl who could only be with a drug lord/gangster

Everyone just has to wait for their oppurtunity.....

Even today , some GOOD actors get screwed
Iron man - terrance howard got kicked out of the role of WAR MACHINE, even though i believe his acting skills are good and would have made the movie great.

Also, terrance howard kinda got ASIAN stereotyped, but as a black man
break through performance?  = HUSTLE and FLOW

But personally I believe you can spot a extremely talent actor from small roles, example
Watch Big momma (martain lawrence) and watch when terrance howard showed up at the end as the villian, hes comes off extremely believeable to be a very intimidating psycho bad guy.

Edward norton
Kicked out as played the hulk... WHY!? oh cause his body didn't seem big enough to match the mutation into the hulk....... WHAT!?!?!?

that sounds like a ASIAN stereotype as well, your body isn't masculine enough to fit the role.

Even though Edwards acting abilities are extremely GOOD and believeable again, critical momments that show his acting
HULK - scene in the house where he talks face to face with Liv Tyler
With taht scene alone, you can compare Liv tyler acting with edward nortons, to me that scene alone, shows the difference between a GOOD actor and a ok one

Edwards acting seems 100% believeable, that hes worried, has alot through his mind, and plans on fixing it
Liv tyler - trying to be undersatnding and wanting to help - doesn't come off that way, and comes off FAKE

anywho, thats some of my thoughts


  1. Hi Rich,

    I'm very unsure what point you are trying to make here. You pin point a handful of very isolated incidents that don't make any connection to the debatable argument you've just made.

    It doesn't take a genius to figure out that Asian American and many other minority groups are vastly under represented in the entertainment industry and continue to be an issue because this industry is dominated by eurocentric views and values that undermine Asian American culture and talent.

  2. But it does, asian women get singled out cause they get spots like , asian massage , or naughty school girl or something along the lines as weak and dependent.

    But most women actress get that..... You start from the bottom and work ur way up.

    Asian men get typed as the weak individual i agree but obviously hollywood wants that superman look. And perfect soldier, and many either train to fit it or just will never get there.

    Rain/jet li have made it they have that look, but they also worked for it

  3. wait, they're isolated icidents, that back up my theory of why asian american's aren't singled out..... from how they're casted, from why there casted, to a comparrison of other actors that are not of asian decent....

    also, your 2nd paragraph basically is a summary of what i was stating....

    thus again, the asian american community i believe isn't singled out, and it seems like within our class thats what its saying within the movie buisness.............

    although, of course i could be wrong cause we are in a asian literature class so of course the asian actors will be focused on, not every ethnicity as a whole.....

    if thats the case, my bad =(