Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Are there any benefits to Asain American stereotypes?


  1. I can think of one....

    Women - exotic

    Casting/job offers(depending on job) modeling (car shows)

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  3. sorry for double posting...

  4. pressure Asian Americans to get good grades?hehehe
    making us look dumb. I get that sometimes from people.. really bad stereotype.

  5. It is ninety percent true about Asian drivers. They are horrible at driving because they use their homeland license which is legal to use in the US. I think that should be illegal though. Anyways, since they are to use their homeland license, then they drive as if they are driving in their homeland. They do not bother trying to learn the law. And when they get into accidents, they do not have insurance. So if I see an Asian driver, I try to be careful and try not to be next to, behind, or in front of one.

    1. Are you stating that you benefit from the stereotype of bad drivers because staying away from Asians on the road will decrease your chances of getting in an accident? While I understand that many Asians, especially those of the older generation, tend to lack a certain amount of road logic, and while I admit that even I am scared of that chaos that is the chinese motorway, your simple lack of evidence and fabricated statistics really attack the credibility of your comment. SInce when did 90% of the Asian immigrant population drive without insurance?! And if 90% of Asians cannot obey common American road laws how is it that Asians dominate the majority of almost all branches of motor racing?

  6. yea that was really bad post roman - considering mexicans tend to drive with no liscense at all, and no insurance more =x

    I question why asians come off as bad drivers,

    NOW I HAVE A DEEP QUESTION and i've been searching for the answer FOREVER

    I noticed with asian drivers, for some odd reasons (and the reasons why they possibly get in accidents) they never look over their shoulders.............WHY!?

    the only reason i say this, is many times i watch asian drivers on the road, and when they change lanes, i look at their head, they never look back to see if their BLIND SPOT is clear.. they use the side mirrors or rear-view mirror..... which is EXTREMELY BAD

    My curiosity makes me to believe that somewhere, the asian culture was taught this way to learn to drive and passed down from generation to generation....... and to me thats one of the KEYS why they tend to get into accidents..... its not the culture its the teaching in my opinion...

    can anyone help me out!?!?!??!