Thursday, June 28, 2012

EDUCATION - 2003 - Americans placed LAST.........

Even though this class is dead, i hope i get feed back, we just had about 3-4 published blogs that asked "is it worth it to migrate".........

Has anyone seen "Waiting for superman" ???

It goes into our school educational system wtihin the US
part of the movie states that korea, japan and many other countries out do studying and learning compared to the US

makes sense why during the Computer age, many jobs were being given to indian people from india and what not.....

Many projects about foreign students and what not say our educational system is better, is it?
and what determines better, that you are easily passing? or at the end of the year, your knowledge increased for 20% - 120%..????

I would like to think the 20/120% but most likely not......


  1. I really do think american education is good, why else would so many foreign students come here to study under our education?! but a problem i think that happens the most is, when people get their education, they end up going back to their country, instead of staying around. that to me always confused me, but maybe it's country pride or just trying to get a good education from some other place to help them back in their own country.

  2. well, if you watch the movie, the statistics sate that, only mabye 10-20$ do good in math and english, where as in japan/korea they do better.... germany = better
    france = better
    italy = better......

    and you guys know this as well.....some teachers don't teach, according to the movie
    teacher were caught in LA not teaching..... just reading the paper and letting students do what they want, on many occasions, the principle fired these teachers, well due to tenure, they got re-highered and he was baffled!

    he thought he was incharge...... he could do highering/firing

    Im pretty sure you guys have it too, with college teachers, thats why RATE MY PROFESSOR . com is such a good idea
    I remeber we got a indian guy for algebra, and he was ok, but he couldn't explain why things worked the way they did or anything he just followed the text, people got mad..

    I took a spanish class and the teachers accent was so bad, that people couldn't understand her and got mad..... not only that it was hard to get a hold of her...

    now newer teacher that might get laid off, because of budget cuts get screwed.... even though those 2 teachers i mentioned get to stay cause they're secure, possibly thanks to tenure..... why!? they get paid THOUSANDS, yet teach bad, and the new good teachers, get fired.... our educational system isn't losing money cuase of economy , community, students, its cause its the school's buisness end...